Lavida Pregnant Massage
90 mins $150 | 60mins $110

Reduce stress, increase blood flow, improve the lymphatic system, minimise swelling, and alleviate an aching back.  It is safe after 13 weeks +.

Lavida Pregnant Massage & Facial
90 mins $170

Give you a moment to appreciate your pregnancy. This Massage will relieve stress and tensions, and minimise swelling, aches, and pain. You will also receive a nourishing facial and scalp massage.

Lavida Hot Stone Massage
90 mins $155 | 60 mins $120

A restorative therapy that uses smooth stones and gentle heat that is helpful to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and ease pain and muscle tension.

Lavida Signature Indigenous Style
90 mins $150 | 60 mins $110 | 30mins $60

Lavida Aromatherapy Massage
90 mins $150 | 60 mins $110 | 30mins $60

Therapeutic Massage
90 mins $150 | 60 mins $110 | 30mins $60

Lymphatic Drainage
90 mins $150 | 60 mins $110 | 30mins $60

Lomi Lomi
90 mins $150 | 60 mins $110 | 30mins $60

The skin absorbs essential oils which offer relaxation, and pain relief and improve mood.

A full-body relaxation massage, designed to address stress points and muscle tension in various areas of your body, improves blood circulation, the treatment relieves muscle tension and reduces knots. The calming and, yet, invigorating effect, this massage offers, is gained through targeting specific pain points and reducing stress hormone levels. At any time, you can advise the therapist to decrease or increase the applied pressure. You’ll feel that you sleep much better, as well, after your Lavida aromatherapy massage treatment.